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A Trailblazer of Lap Band Surgery Reveals Her 18 Years of Weight Loss Journey

In this episode, I catch up with Vicky Bonner. One of the first people to take up gastric lap band surgery back in 2002. We talk about how much the landscape has changed with the advent of new bariatric surgeries, and how the perception amongst General Practitioners and the wider community has shifted to become more accepting and embracing of weight loss surgeries.

As a leading advocate for 18 years, she continues to inspire others around Australia by attending seminars and sharing her story – a genuine trailblazer when it comes to weight loss surgery.


Show Notes:

2:03 – Looking back to 2002 before social media, we talk about the difficulties and challenges of finding information and GP’s lack of knowledge around weight-loss surgeries with only the gastric band available at the time.

4:06 – Vicky expresses her issues when it comes to ordering food in a society that still doesn’t understand the importance of meal portions.

5:33 – We discuss the other options that are readily available now with weight loss surgery, with Vicky sharing her love of her gastric lap band.

6:51 – With more information available, the attitudes of General Practitioners (GP) have changed over the years through patients like Vicky who have been strong advocates and early educators in this space.

9:59 – The stigma surrounding surgery still exists in society and the medical industry to date. Vicky shares her struggles with her GP and even her friend’s pre and post-surgery.

12:53 – We discuss any medical concerns that were impacting her life before having surgery at a time of little knowledge. But it was her weight that was the biggest concern.

14:03 – Vicky’s first plane flight, was to run a seminar with the WLSA team in Wollongong. Since then, she’s developed a travel bug and visited America, New Zealand, and Thailand.

14:49 – Post-surgery, Vicky has found herself more physically able to be more engaged with her grandchildren, having a positive impact on her family. Even helping out with her and her husband’s hobby of vintage cars.

16:34 – We dive into all the highlights of Vicky’s life over the past 18 years ad how it has changed her health and life for the better.

18:51 – Since surgery, Vicky has been able to start a business with her husband that she would not have been able to physically do 18 years ago.

19:33 – Vicky shares some advice for others and how she is now able to have open conversations about weight loss surgery.

21:14 – Suffering from deep vein thrombosis in her legs she wasn’t able to do much exercise but that didn’t stop her from walking her dogs 3-5k’s daily.

22:10 – Vicky’s story is one of longevity and she shares her joy of meeting new people from all over Australia at seminars. She even competed in the Gold Coast Marathon one year!

25:38 – Since her journey begun she has made life long friends and has become a part of the WLSA family through staying connected