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Jen Dugard is a pre and postnatal educator and business coach with a passion for helping fellow FitPro’s create values-driven, mum-focused businesses that serve their whole life. Jen and Felicity discuss the importance of the pelvic floor, how women can safely return to exercise after giving birth and Jen’s personal journey with motherhood, mental health and depression.



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Jump To:

1:08 // Jen’s experience getting back into fitness as a new mum and her first business, Body Beyond Baby. 

6:11 // The risks around not protecting your pelvic floor and the potential dangers of returning to intense fitness too soon after birth. 

10:51 // Considerations for women becoming mothers later in life. 

13:32 // Jen takes Felicity (and listeners!) through a guided pelvic floor activation. 

18:22 // The changing dynamics of multiple births and the differences between first and second children and the impact that had on Jen’s relationship. 

25:02 // Jen’s non-negotiables in terms of her own wellness.

26:46 // Jen speaks to her key values of connection and courage: why they are important and how she implements them in her daily life.

29:49 // Jen shares a time she was struggling with anxiety and how she discovered TRE and the power of movement.