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Wellness Warriors Podcast

Mind Food For Your Wellness Journey

Welcome to the highly anticipated podcast from Australia’s leading Wellness Warrior.
Felicity uncovers the advice, secrets and lifestyles of experts in the worlds of health, nutrition and designing a career and lifestyle that you love.
S02 E028: Authentic Health with The Mindful Doctor
Dr. Gabby is known for her popular Instagram page, The Mindful Doctor, where she shares health information that is evidence-based and easy to understand. As a GP in rural NSW, Dr. Gabby is an advocate for slow, narrative medicine, listening to her patients and prioritising connection so they feel seen, heard and valued.
S02 E027: Is Your Pelvic Floor Okay? with Jen Dugard
Jen Dugard is a pre and postnatal educator and business coach with a passion for helping fellow FitPro's create values-driven, mum-focused businesses that serve their whole life. Jen and Felicity discuss the importance of the pelvic floor, how women can safely return to exercise after giving birth and Jen’s personal journey with motherhood, mental health and depression.
S02 E026: The Evolution of Wellness with Kris Abbey
With more than thirty years in the health and wellness industry, Kris Abbey is excited that wellness is finally becoming a lifestyle worth investing in. Join her as she chats with Felicity about how she built her incredible career at the intersection of her two passions: preventative health and communication.
S02 E025: Wellness In Our Space with Anthony Burke
Anthony Burke is an Architecture Professor and presenter on Restoration Australia recognised internationally for his work in architectural design, curation and commentary. He and Felicity discuss the importance of restorative architecture, emerging trends in Australian design, and several simple yet powerful things to promote wellbeing in your home.
S02 E024: Food is Medicine with Peta Shulman
Peta Shulman founded Goodness Me because natural, wholesome foods helped her take control of her own health, and she wanted to help others learn how and why they should love nourishing their bodies and make healthy eating fun. Today, she’s here to talk about how she’s making whole foods more accessible to everyone.
S02 E023: Earning Your Health with Sarhys Page
Sahrys Page is a leading personal trainer and fitness expert with a reputation for distilling the BS around exercise in a refreshingly comedic, relatable voice. Sarhys also has an incredible story of regaining her own health as she struggled with a drinking problem from a younger age. Sarhys is 100% sober today, advocating for healthy lifestyles and is motivated by making others feel good. Join Sarhys and WLSA CEO Felicity Cohen as they discuss Sarhys’ journey to sobriety, how she manages her own wellness, the importance of exercise and what her next steps in the fitness space might be.
S02 E022: Move for Mental Health with Kylianne Farrell
Join wife, mother, holistic wellness expert and Move for Mental Health founder Kylianne Farrell and WLSA CEO Felicity Cohen as they discuss Kylianne’s unique approach to wellness, spanning everything from eco-therapy, positive psychology and exercise, the mental health continuum, mental resilience and what exactly mental health first aid is and why it’s so important.
S02 E021: Mindset Coaching with Justine Switalla
Join entrepreneur and holistic life coach Justine Switalla as she talks to WLSA CEO Felicity Cohen about how we approach life and how this plays a massive role in our overall wellness, success and happiness. Listen as they dive into how motherhood has changed Justine’s outlook and perspective on exercise, health and wellbeing, and practical tools we can use to protect and nurture our mindset to make sure we’re living happy and healthy lives.
S02 E020: Respecting Children’s Emotions with Rachel Tomlinson
Psychologist, author and parenting expert Rachel Tomlinson joins Felicity to talk about the changing pressures our children are facing and how we can set them up to live happy, healthy lives as adults. Join as they discuss the impacts COVID has had on our children’s and our own lives, and walk away with a new understanding of how we can empower our children to recognise and process their emotions.
S02 E019: Why Weight Matters with Felicity Cohen
Inspired by her mother and grandmother, Felicity has been on a life-long journey to improve the quality and longevity of people’s lives through a holistic approach to weight loss. In this episode, she talks about the stigma around weight-related health concerns, how to open up conversations at home and the WLSA difference in treating obesity.