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Dr. Gabby is known for her popular Instagram page, The Mindful Doctor, where she shares health information that is evidence-based and easy to understand. As a GP in rural NSW, Dr. Gabby is an advocate for slow, narrative medicine, listening to her patients and prioritising connection so they feel seen, heard and valued.



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1:22 // Dr. Gabby speaks about her history and journey to becoming a doctor in rural New South Wales.

4:56 // Narrative Medicine and the holistic, slow approach Dr. Gabby offers her patients to ensure they feel seen, heard and valued.

11:56 // The differences between general practice in rural and metropolitan areas.

16:13 // Felicity and Dr. Gabby discuss mental health and the importance of movement and exercise as a component of mental wellbeing. Dr. Gabby shares the ways she looks after her own mental health.

22:38 // Dr. Gabby offers advice to other healthcare workers who may be facing burnout after the last couple of pandemic years.

26:27 // The future of The Mindful Doctor and how Dr. Gabby intends to continue using her platform. 

30:03 // Health conditions that Dr. Gabby sees on the rise at the moment. 

34:24 // Dr. Gabby shares a difficult time in her life when she was struggling with her mental health and how she managed to step away and create boundaries for herself.