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With more than thirty years in the health and wellness industry, Kris Abbey is excited that wellness is finally becoming a lifestyle worth investing in. Join her as she chats with Felicity about how she built her incredible career at the intersection of her two passions: preventative health and communication.



Learn more about Kris and all her amazing work on her website and follow her on Instagram.


Jump To:

2:19 // How Kris became interested in the wellness space from her childhood, her early career trajectory and how she got into corporate health

15:24 // How Kris shifted from running her own business to working in the pharmaceutical industry and what lessons she learned there about herself and her passion in life 

22:40 // How Kris moved into media and publishing and pivoted to digital when she saw that space available in the market

25:47 // Felicity and Kris discuss health and wellness spas and the incredible impact they can have on visitors as more than a simple “holiday”

32:55 // Kris shares some wellness trends she is happy to see the back of and some emerging trends she is glad are getting some attention

37:51 // Changes in wellness retreats and spaces today and how the entire sector is responding to the current demand for wellness spaces. 

41:10 // Felicity asks Kris what she’s reading at the moment and what wellness means to her.