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Lego Master Bilsy Advocates for Bariatric Surgery

Adam (Bilsborough) Bilsy is a man of many hidden talents. Two years after undergoing bariatric surgery and successfully losing a massive 65kg, he finally gained the confidence and physical fitness to be able to pursue bigger ambitions in life;  including going on the popular LEGO Masters Australia TV show and planning his dream wedding in New York.

In this interview, he shared how his life has changed dramatically and for the better since his Gastric Sleeve surgery. Adam is proud of his weight loss transformation and continues to inspire others on his journey in the most unfiltered way.


Show Notes:
2:39 – Adam is 2 years post-bariatric surgery, losing a total of 65kg. With outstanding results, Adam started to feel healthier, more confident and happier, with many doors starting to open up for him, like starring on the TV show Lego Masters. He has bought a house, had a baby girl and is getting married.

4:46 – Will a gruelling film schedule on Lego Masters, Adam confesses that he would not have lasted if he hadn’t had bariatric surgery. From his exposure from being on the show, Adam is proud to share his backstory in order to inspire others to lose weight. With the support of mainstream media, focusing more on his weight loss journey rather than his new celebrity status by featuring in magazines like TV News Week.

7:36 – Adam talks about his newfound celebrity status after appearing on Lego Masters. With more confidence than ever, Adam desires to be on television more with a dream of becoming a children’s TV presenter. 

9:09 – On a personal note, Adam shares the disadvantages of being obese for him, like the inability to go on rides at theme parks and being “that” big guy people didn’t want to sit next to on flights.

11:53 – From day one, Adam wanted to be open and transparent, so he started his own Youtube channel, “Loser Bench AU” to document his weight loss journey. Since launching he has inspired many to lose weight and has been able to educate those on bariatric surgery from a personal perspective.

14:12 – As a leading advocate for weight loss surgery, Adam lets us know about the common fears people have, like judgment from friends and family, to as extreme as complications from surgery. He shares why he has no regrets and how the benefits outweigh the odds from several points of view, from medical to social.