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Busting Diet Myths & Breaking Down Common Fears With Dietitian Jen Hoult

In this episode, I caught up with WeightLoss Solutions Australia accredited practising dietitian, Jen Hoult to talk about all things diets and wellness. This interesting conversation breaks down the most common fears when one first started on a diet and how getting back to the basics with all the different types of diets available is essential.

But first, we look at how Jen got started in her career as a dietitian, her life experience in Singapore and how she was exposed to many ethnicities and regions which taught her even more about food. We also explored her love for running and the superpower of being organised.


Show Notes:
1:07 – Coming from a very active family, Jen’s mum encouraged her to pursue a career in dietetics. Working alongside a multidisciplinary team at Nepean Hospital and North Shore Hospital provided Jen with a wealth of experience and knowledge.

4:30 – Jen shares about her move to Singapore, where she spent 11 years with her husband, and four children, setting up her own business and volunteering with the Cerebral Palsy Alliance and how working with many ethnicities and religions taught her more about food.

6:07 – Obesity is an issue worldwide and we discuss how the practice and management are the same as are the medical comorbidities in things like type two diabetes that the incidence is so prevalent in a much lower BMI.

7:57 – On the topic of a healthy mind, we talk about our mutual love of running and nature, how we are early starters, and how that sets us up for success, and for the day.

11:05 – Jen shares why she thinks she has got the best job in the world and the magic of witnessing a patients transformation! We discuss the success of combining surgery and diets and how it lowers blood pressure and cholesterol and how patients can eventually come off medications to improve their quality of life.

13:34 – We talk about the overwhelming amount of different diets, and messaging there is out there. Jen’s advice is to bring it back to basics, is the diet healthy and balanced?

17:36 – Being a busy mom and managing patients Jen shares her secret to a work-life balance by being organised and being able to manage time well is her key to wellness.

20:15 – When it comes to dieting we all have common fears, so we breakdown all the myths when you approach your first diet.

21:28 – There are many different aspects when it comes to wellness and each of us are different. Here Jen lets us know what wellness means to her and her family.