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Connecting, Learning & Growing with Georgia Lane, Founder of Women of Influence

In this episode, I interviewed the founder and president of Women of Influence, Georgia Lane. Georgia shares with us how she started this renowned non-for-profit organisation called Women of Influence 15 years ago. Georgia also shares her own experiences with self-care, wellness, after a major health scare 6 years ago, and provides some advice and tips for overall well-being, especially for women juggling and maintaining the balance between work and family life.


Show Notes:

1:19 – What is Women of Influence?

4:22 – Women overcoming the challenges in their career and personal life.

8:04 – Learning to build connections and lean on other women for support is the first steps to self-care.

10:41 – There is a lot more celebration when a woman succeeds and more women supporting women.

13:29 – Are women too busy? How women can find the right balance, to look after oneself, and allowing the time to do so.

11:56 – Who is the ultimate woman of influence, what does she look like?

14:32 – It is in women’s nature to multitask. How can women focus on the really important things?

16:16 – Fitting in family, relationships, the husband.

22:45 – Georgia reveals her experience surviving breast cancer and taking the opportunity to re-evaluate her life and prioritise the important things in life.

26:46 – The mindfulness practices that Georgia has put in place to help with her stress management.