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A Dive Master's Journey
To Finding Her True Self

Back in 2011, Heidi Stepanoff had Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy procedure, a decision that was not taken lightly for someone who always took a more natural approach to things. Luckily for Heidi, she shared a gym with her General Practitioner who noticed her weight gain and ongoing struggles to lose it. After trying every diet and pill known to man, Heidi finally had the courage to see her doctor and seek advice and with the positive support she received, Heidi went to an information night hosted by WeightLoss Solutions Australia where she learned about the surgical options for weight loss and realised it was just another tool to help achieve her goals.

Twenty years later, Heidi has found her true self. Now living life to the fullest with more energy, being an active mother to her two children and setting a healthy example, a strong working single mum and becoming the successful Dive Master she is today. This episode is an eye-opener into the life of someone who was never living their truth, one that was held back by excess weight. Heidi’s journey is just beginning, she plans to continue writing fiction with the hopes to one day be able to take it to publication.


Show notes:

01:02: Heidi Stepanoff’s life-changing decision for weight loss surgery in 2011

After trying every magic cure possible, Heidi shares the encouraging moment with her GP, opening her to the surgical solution that she needed.


04:22 – Post-bariatric surgery transformation: becoming more authentic and a better mum.

Heidi describes the quick changes in her energy and her quality of life. She shares how every aspect of her life becomes much more meaningful when confidently and actively showing up for herself and her kids.


13:31 – Diving ocean deep into a WeightLoss Warrior’s life passions.

Now a divemaster, Heidi expresses the fulfilment she can now experience connecting with the ocean again. Once self-conscious about how she looked and felt in swimsuits, she now leads others to the dive site in her wetsuit and does not think twice about it.


20:14 – The changing relationship dynamics following her evolution towards her true self.

Heidi shares how her relationships change over time as she starts to live the life that she is being true to herself more. Being confident in her skin allows her to make decisions in her best interests.


24:01 – No downsides for Heidi Stepanoff post weight loss surgery

Besides being more mindful of her habits and adjusting to a healthier lifestyle, Heidi was lucky enough not to have any usual post-surgery concerns.


26:52 – What wellness means to Heidi Stepanoff.

For Heidi, Wellness is very much the feeling of being healthy and active. And the ability to live an active life and feel good and confident, that’s wellness to her.