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How to be a “Midlife Maven” and take control of your wellness after 40

Angela Warm is an environmental scientist turned seasonal health coach, with a passion for helping women in their 40’s and 50’s navigate menopause with ease. After moving to Switzerland with her family, Angela got her health coaching certificate to educate herself and her family, and with what she discovered, she had to share with others.

We go over the simple, yet effective advice Angela shares with her clients, from diet, movement, mindfulness, sleep and how to destress. Outlining the most important topics women need to understand and the symptoms to pay attention to when going through menopause and pre-menopause.

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Show notes:

01:00 – From a scientist in the United States to a health coach in Switzerland

Originally wanting to take a break from her scientist career as a new mum for a few years, she and her family ended up living life in Switzerland. Angela explains that she got her health coaching certificate to educate herself and her family to live a healthy lifestyle. The eye-opening knowledge led her to want to share it with others. 

03:48 – Lifestyle: Switzerland vs the United States

Angela walks us through the contrast in her lifestyles in Switzerland compared to in the US. 

07:20 – Understanding women’s health through menopause and perimenopause

Dealing with many clients going through menopause and perimenopause, Angela outlines the important topics women need to understand their health and well-being symptoms during this period.

15:15 – Adding mindfulness and movements to combat stress

Angela shares the advice she often gives her clients going through stress. Along with general advice on sleep and diets, mindfulness practices and some form of movements are Angela’s main tips for people to try and pick one that works best for them.

18:10 – Maintaining mobility through strength training for women above 40

Angela and Felicity discuss the critical need for movements such as strength training for middle-aged women and older to maintain fit and healthy mobility. 

23:00 – Want better energy? Start your day with a good breakfast.

Simple yet effective advice to ensure we get the right nutrients for better energy, Angela encourages people to start with having a good breakfast to start the day. 

25:11 – Food and family – healthy bonding through mealtime

Angela outlines the approach to food as a family that’s influenced by Switzerland culture. Mealtime together and the roles each plays in the kitchen is very important, which creates a healthy environment as a family. 

37:15 – What wellness means to Angela Warm

it’s showing up to your day, knowing that you’ve done your best and feeling good about how you’re communicating or interacting with other people.