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From Plantar Fasciitis & Heel Spurs In Both Feet to Running 10km at the Gold Coast Marathon

An inspiring conversation with Fiona Swadling, one of our #WeightlossWarriors who was suffering from plantar fasciitis and heel spurs. Fiona started her weight loss journey over 2 years ago and with her newfound confidence, her life has changed completely.

We talked about the many struggles she had to face to get started on her transformation, through to the positive impacts it has had on her family, love life, career, overall health and well-being.


Show Notes:

1:49 – How Fiona overcome her fear to undergo surgery and decided to take action to change her life.

3:55 – Reflecting back, Fiona describes her relationship with her partner and how their love language was through food. She talks about how they’ve had to readjust that mindset, and how both their lives have been impacted for the better.

8:04 – Touching on the subject of self-confidence and physical appearance, Fiona shares how her outlook has changed about exercising and going to the gym, and the positive impacts it has had on her family since adopting a more active lifestyle.

12:05 – Fiona’s health concerns including plantar fasciitis and joint pain prior to her surgery, and how that has all gone away now. So much so, she looks forward to participating in our annual Gold Coast Marathon.

23:23 – With her newfound confidence, Fiona went for a role as Deputy Principal, a role she would have never considered in her old life.

24:52 – The importance of Project GRIT, mental health issues amongst children, and how we need to focus more on outdoor activities for school children.