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Andrew Morello on Health & Wealth - A Celebrity's Journey through Entrepreneurship, Weight Loss & More

In this episode, I sat down with Andrew Morello, winner of the first Apprentice Australia, to talk about his own experience with weight loss, as well as the incredible work he does as the Head of Business Development at The Entourage, Australia’s largest training institution for entrepreneurs and business owners.

Andrew is one that will not hold back on sharing his wisdom and experiences, from how obesity started for him from his childhood to his famed appearance on a major TV show, his public and private life, and his love for adventures from completing the Kokoda Trail to summiting Mount Kinabalu. Be ready to learn about the critical mindset shift that will transform your health and wealth, from the man that is larger than life and living the dream.


Show Notes:

0:58 What’s the impact of having a surgical weight loss procedure and how does that look like when we are talking about shifting our mindset to improve financial health and wellbeing?

3:18 – The question that got Andrew Morello to shift his mindset about how he can take his success to a whole new level, by improving his well-being.

5:25 – Andrew talks about the real estate industry and the challenges that surround such an image-based environment where opportunities do go towards those who present themselves well.

8:48 – Andrew’s views on health and well-being, particularly around the younger generation within the business community.

13:33 – On the subject of mental health, Andrew shares the importance of incorporating a positive lifestyle change as a first option before reaching out for medications.

18:40 – Andrew raises the importance of increasing awareness of men’s health issues and not leaving it till too late.

23:07 – Andrew’s incredible insights and plans for the next 10 years, including a focus on his philanthropic work and continuing on his active adventure-filled life, a path that he recommends for all Australians.