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Suzie Q Ramadan is Australia’s first female boxer to have 5 professional world boxing champion titles in 3 different weight divisions. Her journey to create history started when she ended her successful soccer career to dedicate her life to boxing & fitness. Australian boxing golden girl staked her claim as one of the nation’s greatest ever female boxers who solidified her Legacy. Not only is she heading towards the hall of fame, but has achieved so many awards – Who’s who of Australian Women, Championship Awards, Peoples Choice Awards, Government Awards, Boxing Commission Awards & Soccer Awards (best & fairest every year!)

In a life of adversities and challenges, Suzie managed to stay resilient and open-minded on her journey of self-discovery, and she is sharing that story here with our listeners. For those based in Melbourne and looking to train with a champ, Suzie Q is available for bookings and who better to be trained by than one who loves to inspire and motivate people.



Jump To:

0:45 / Introducing, Suzie Q Ramadan: what life could have been for this Melbourne-raised athlete

3:12 / Resilience: how sport taught Suzie a combination of things about herself

7:11 / Boxing: what changed in Suzie that inspired her to take on the sport and how it continues to support her growth towards self-discovery

13:44 / Coaching: Suzie explains the great joy of mentoring other women and boxers

16:08 / What’s Next: for both Suzie and women in sport

17:27 / Inspiration: Suzie shares who is the one person that continues to inspire her through their strength

19:17 / Adversity: advice for the youth and Suzie’s top tips to push past barriers

21:29 / Wellness: what Suzie wish she knew 10 years ago and a look into a time she had to fight to reclaim it