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Get to know Blake Proud from a new perspective, understanding his views on wellness for himself and his family. Blake shares his insights on wellness with a focus on food and nutrition, providing practical tips for growing your own food.

You may remember Blake from My Kitchen Rules Season 10 on Channel 7, but his journey with food didn’t start there. Over the years Blake has overcome many hurdles, from multiple injuries putting a pause on his sporting career to weight loss and even a period of deep depression. It’s through these experiences that Blake has discovered what wellness truly means to him, discovering the importance of what we put in our bodies, making him an advocate for a nutritional diet, eating organic home-grown fruits and vegetables, and educating others on how they to can easily apply this in their daily lives.

When Blake isn’t filming, doing radio, or writing cookbooks, he’s a real homebody and family man. There are no smoke and mirrors when it comes to Blake, just take a peep at his Instagram!



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0:42 / Introducing Black Proud: with a colourful history of skills, from the hit TV show My Kitchen Rules to marketing and communications, Blake explains what he is most passionate about.

2:53 / Weight Loss: Blake himself went through his own weight loss journey, which has taught him more about food, the quality of life, and the importance of health.

9:00 / Wellness: through a life of adversities and struggles, Blake’s perspective of wellness has evolved, explaining how he has found strength and solace in overcoming these hurdles.

15:41 / Social Media: after being in the limelight and media, Blake explains how keeping up with social media became stressful and exhausting. With health being his main priority, Blake explains how he is approaching these platforms differently.

17:57 / Food: from weight loss to My Kitchen Rules, Blake’s view on food has changed and evolved, becoming more of an advocate for food and nutrition education, especially among our youth. Now growing his own vegetables, Blake shares his top tips on how to easily do it yourself.

27:06 / What Blake Wished He Knew About Wellness 10 Years Ago: it’s quantity over quality for Blake when it comes to food, sharing a day on the plate for him now which he wished he knew then.

31:39 / How Blake Reclaimed His Wellness: after two separate injuries that required surgery, Blake fell into a deep depression. Once he reached that turning point he managed to change his way of thinking and living, resulting in the healthier and happier man he is today.