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Nikki Phillips is a media personality, MC, model, content creator and major talent. She has this enviable cool confidence that has seen her partner with leading brands on ambassadorships and advertising collaborations around the globe. After winning a modelling competition in her teens, she was catapulted to the world stage, walking for D&G, Versace and more – these opportunities have shown Nikki the globe and taught her many life lessons along the way that have made her the incredible woman she is today.

Her natural beauty and approachable manner combined with an inimitable sense of style have led Nikki to appear in a string of international television and ad campaigns. Nikki has also appeared in hit TV shows including NZNext Top Model and the Today Show and has interviewed celebrities at many a red carpet event. Nikki shares her love of family, fitness, fashion, beauty and style across her social channels to her engaged and trusting audience.

Nikki is also a CEO, with her brand Rattle & Bones, focusing on sun protection for children. An episode not to be missed for any first-time parent!



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1:11 / Introducing Nikki: after moving to Germany to escape the bullying and to model, Nikki credits her past with opening doors and helping to create the person she is today.

8:37 / Social Media: Nikki has been well known before the social media era and shares how she is now handling the change with 70% of her work now being online, highlighting how being authentic has helped keep her on track with her herself and her brand.

13:47 / Wellbeing: with such a busy schedule due to work and also being a mother of three, Nikki shares what she does to focus on her well-being to manage it all.

15:43 Life in Lockdown: when you have a career that requires lots of travel and appearances, life became different for Nikki during the pandemic. Luckily for her, she learnt the importance of balance and has gained a better appreciation for what she does.

19:10 / Rattle & Bones: as a mother of 3, Nikki is always coming up with new ideas to create something they need. The first was the birth of Rattle & Bones, a range for kids that focuses on sun-smart health. Nikki shares why she is so passionate about it and what’s next for the brand.

27:23 / Kids Health: the best thing Nikki has done for her kid’s wellness is taking them to daycare. Despite what she was told by many parents when she first became a mother, Nikki soon realised how much her kids were thriving, learning, and simply living.

31:49 / Wellness: what Nikki wishes she’d known 10 years ago, also sharing a very personal time in her life that she had to fight to reclaim her wellness.