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With a passion for nature, connection, and healing, Daniel D’Appio has always spent time with the trees and it would be his pleasure to share the major benefits of getting out into nature with you. Daniel is a Certified Forest Therapy Guide at the International Nature Forest Therapy Alliance (INFTA) and Project Manager in NSW, he is also the Director of Shinrin-Yoku Australia.

Shinrin-Yoku is a term that means ‘taking in the forest atmosphere’ or ‘forest bathing.’ It was developed in Japan during the 1980s and is becoming a cornerstone of preventive health care and healing in the public health sector. Forest Therapy is an amazing evidence-informed public health practice that is sweeping the world! The benefits are endless with research happening every day, discovering more ways that nature can heal our bodies, mind, and soul.

Daniel uncovers everything you need to know about Forest Bathing; the history, all the benefits, why it’s becoming so popular, and why he is so passionate about it. If there is one thing Daniel would like you to walk away with is, “I just want to make sure that everybody gets out to nature.”



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Jump To:

1:07 / Forest Bathing: what is it, how did it come about, who can benefit from it, and why does Daniel do it?

6:28 / The Global Effect: more countries are starting to incorporate this practice by building Forest hubs for communities to get together.

10:00 / The Benefits: Forest Bathing has proven to lower blood pressure, reduce your heart rate and lower your cortisol levels. It’s not just physical benefits, there are numerous benefits for your mental health too!

16:29 / The Demand: with so many proven benefits, waiting lists in Australia can be as long as three months – Daniel explains how the pandemic really brought to light the need for nature and connection.

22:53 / More Than Forest Bathing: Daniel explains all the other mindful activities that we can do in nature to maximise the experience and benefits.

25:29 / Wellness: how a time that Daniel had to fight to reclaim his wellness opened his eyes to the alternatives to treating your health.