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Barry Conrad is a Sydney-based actor that you may have seen on the hit TV Neighbours, or the classic movie, The Sapphires. He’s also a passionate singer and songwriter, noting that this process has now become part of his wellness journey. He’s an ambassador for Mitsubishi Australia, Virgin Active and Kawai Australia but most notably, RUOK? Away from entertainment, he’s a digital content creator, with a diverse audience and strong engagement.

His love of life, health and fitness, food and travel, take a very organic approach on social media. With the rise of social media, it has has a negative impact on our mental health but there is an upside, these platforms have also opened up a window to allow us to speak more freely about mental health issues to help de-stigmatise the issue with Barry leading the conversation.

For each of us, wellness comes in many forms, yet we all have a similar end goal. Through a life of ups and down, Barry continues to learn every day just how important it is to take care of your mental and physical health through various forms of wellness, sharing everything with you in a raw and honest way.



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1:37 / Wellness at Heart: Barry has always been invested in his health, both internally and externally, Thanks to social media, Barry has been able to be a voice in educating his loyal following on all things wellness.

4:18 / Unlearning to Learn: growing up Barry was never supported to believe he could be whomever he wanted to be and because of that, Barry has had to unlearn his conditioning to learn new healthier habits as part of his wellness journey.

10:08 / Spotlight on Mental Health: why it’s so important to keep raising awareness around mental health issues, with Barry sharing his morning wellness routine that keeps him grounded throughout the day.

15:55 / RUOK?: Barry guides us through how we can check in ourselves and how to check in with our loved ones.

20:53 / Social Media: how TikTok trends and other online platforms have helped de-stigmatise mental health-related issues.

24:35 / Wellness: for Barry, wellness comes in the form of giving back through volunteer work and through his songwriting.