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Anna Robarb (FKA Anna Heinrich) stepped into the media spotlight in 2013 when she met her bachelor and now husband Tim Robards. Since then, Anna has worked with some of Australia’s biggest beauty and fashion brands and appeared on several TV shows.

Anna’s journey into wellness began after experiencing a lack of sleep during her first pregnancy with her daughter Elle. She started seeking solutions from experts and was put onto a high-quality magnesium supplement. She started her beauty and health business, INTU Wellness, with her good friend Christie Whitehill, after both resenting the lack of sleep and their dull-looking skin. They decided to create their own brand of supplements that are formulated by award-winning naturopaths, chemists, and scientists who specialise in creating complementary medicines that are backed by traditional and scientific research.

A journey that is only beginning, Anna shares how it all started, where it is at and where it is going.



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1:34 / The Mental Shift: Anna is proof that yes you can do it. After reluctantly accepting to appear on Australia’s SAS, Anna noticed a massive change in her mentality as soon as the first four weeks of training, setting her on a journey to discover the power of positivity.

10:30 / Wellness Then: from maintaining a healthy weight to food that fuels our bodies, just how quickly your mindset towards wellness can change when you become a parent.

13:53 / INTU Wellness: the brand that combines health and beauty. How INTU Wellness came to life, the benefits of the ingredients they use, and why a good night’s sleep is so important.

24:52 / Wellness Now: what does wellness mean to Anna? What are her go-to wellness tricks as part of her routine? And how does Anna manage that time for herself?

28:13 / Becoming a Boss: from leaving the safety net of working for a law firm, to being in the spotlight, we dive into the courage it took for Anna to start her own business.

32:33 / The Fight for Wellness: how changing her mindset and reclaiming her wellness lead to the happy and healthy life Anna now leads