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Inspired by her mother and grandmother as a child, WeightLoss Solutions Australia CEO, Felicity Cohen, has made it her life’s mission to improve the quality and longevity of people’s lives through a holistic approach to weight loss.

In this episode Felicity talks about more than 20 years of experience in the industry, unpacking the many stigmas around weight-related issues and how we can combat them. She explains why weight matters as well as the medical and social risks of being overweight. Hear inspiring success stories of WLSA patients and learn what makes WLSA different from other programs and why her patients see consistent and lasting results for years to come. 

Seeing people achieve their goals and exceed their own expectations is why Felicity does what she does, get inspired to get started today!



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1:21 / Felicity’s main sources of inspiration for getting into bariatric surgical intervention were her mother and grandmother, who helped shape her view on weight loss as a long term solution for a happier life.

5:32 / How has obesity changed over the last few decades? What has treatment looked like historically?

9:15 / Weight related stigma has led to a fear of seeking help and a pattern of yo-yo dieting behaviour. How do we remove this stigma?

13:52 / Body positivity and social media. There is no “number” or perfect size, celebrate non-scale victories.

16:12 / Why does weight matter? What are we treating and why? Why being overweight is dangerous for your health. Specific health concerns weight can cause.

19:04 / Non-medical concerns with being overweight, things like quality of life and mental health.

21:05 / The WeighLoss Solutions Australia point of difference: our multidisciplinary team. We make sure you get matched with the right procedure, intervention or program you need. We’re here to provide durable, sustainable results for every single patient.

23:13 / How do we reduce the stigma around having conversations with family, with loved ones, with our friends and with our colleagues at work around weight?

24:57 / Success stories that extend beyond just weight loss, including financial wellbeing and self-confidence. The legacy Felicity hopes to leave with WeightLoss Solutions Australia.