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Rachel Tomlinson is the author of “Teaching Kids To Be Kind” and “A Blue Kind Of Day”, and a psychologist who has worked with children, adults and families in a variety of settings. Rachel is passionate about ensuring that all children have the opportunity to thrive and sharing the insights she’s learnt across her career with you. 

In today’s society we are faced with more pressure than ever before, and so are our children. The rise of technology combined with the impact of COVID lockdowns has changed the way our children are facing the world, and so the way we interact with them, and teach them, needs to change too. 

Join WLSA CEO Felicity Cohen as she discusses with Rachel how we can respect children’s emotions, how COVID has impacted both our children and our own mental well being, and walk away with a new understanding and knowledge of children’s emotions as well as practical tips that you can try with any children in your own life.



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Jump To:

1:13 / Being a parenting expert: why every parent is their own expert, the importance of community, and why we need to be teaching our kids to be kind in today’s society

6:54 / Values: what has been lost and what should we be focussing on reintroducing? The importance of delayed gratification on development, and why we need to focus on seeing downtime as valuable. 

9:43 / Understanding Emotions: talking through difficult emotions. Rachel explains why it’s important for children to understand their emotions and have access to tools and resources at a young age. 

15:54 / COVID’s impact on our mental wellbeing: the rise in social anxiety, and how we can manage it

17:22 / The link between happy children and well focused adults

17:59 / Wellness: How Rachel focuses on her own wellness with creativity, nature, and the importance of slowing down and balance

23:15 / Reclaiming Wellness During Times of Stress: Rachel shares a time she had to fight to reclaim her wellness and how she bought back balance to her day to day life