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Justine Switalla is an entrepreneur and holistic life coach who is on a mission to impact and empower women to live healthier and happier lives. After spending 10 years in the personal training business, she has now written best selling e-Books and developed Fit Healthy mums, an online hub to help women pre and post baby get into the best shape of their lives in a very healthy and sustainable way. She is now the founder of FEMME, Female Empowerment, Movement, Mindset & Education. 

Join Justine and WLSA Felicity Cohen as they discuss how we approach life in general plays a massive role in our overall wellness, success and happiness. Listen as they discuss how motherhood has changed Justine’s perspective on exercise, health and wellbeing, the power of “pivoting”, gain an understanding of why our mindset is so important and learn about the tools Justine uses in her day to day life to stay happy and healthy.



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Jump To:

0:24 / Justine’s entry into the holistic health and wellbeing space

5:42 / How childbirth and becoming a mother changes your outlook on exercise: how we can change the way we move postpartum, and what women need

11:58 / What exactly is mindset coaching and mindset psychology? Emotional wellbeing, mastering your mindset, and practices we can use in our day to day lives

15:30 / The changing needs of clients and what new challenges people are facing

17:41 / The importance of failing and how to use it fuel ourselves to move forwards, and how Justine has faced failing and adversity head on

24:25 / Parenting challenges, raising healthy, well adjusted kids and what Justine wishes she knew 10 years ago

30:07 / Overcoming difficult circumstances and adjusting to change