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Kylianne Farrell is a wife, mother, and founder of Move for Mental Health, an organisation dedicated to helping save lives, and the quality of lives through empowering people with opportunities, skills, tools and education to make a move towards positive wellbeing. 

Kylianne founded Move for Mental Health after she struggled with her own depression and anxiety. Since then, she has dedicated her life to educating and providing resources and support to those struggling with their own mental health, to help people be their best selves and live life the way they want, and get the most out of it.

Join Kylianne and WLSA CEO Felicity Cohen as they discuss Kylianne’s unique approach to wellness, spanning everything from eco-therapy, positive psychology, exercise, the mental health continuum, mental resilience and what exactly mental health first aid is, and why it’s so important.



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Jump To:

4:54 / Movement: it’s impact on mental health and the tangible benefits

11:28 / Kylianne’s unique way of teaching: nature work, eco therapy, positive psychology and exercise

13:58 / What actually is mental health first aid?

15:22 / Mental Health in the workplace: the mental health continuum. What leaders should be on the lookout for and how they can then deal with it

17.33 / Kyliannes 100km challenge: how she tackled it and the lessons she learnt about resilience and mental strength

22:16 / What wellness means to Kylianne: the brain, the body basics of what keeps us well. Movement, exercise, sleep hygiene, and hydration

24:19 / How Kylianne has fought for and reclaimed her wellness: using challenges and adversity to spiral back up and get to where you want to be