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Sahrys Page is a leading personal trainer and fitness expert with a reputation for distilling the BS around exercise in a refreshingly comedic, relatable voice. She’s best known for her high-energy, hilarity-filled spin classes, which are routinely waitlisted for weeks at a time and in high demand amongst corporate clients, making her one of the most sought-after spin instructors in Australia. 

Sarhys also has an incredible story of regaining her own health as she struggled with a drinking problem from a younger age. She says there is a misconception that alcoholism has to look a certain way, however that’s not always the case which is why it can be so dangerous. Sarhys is 100% sober today, advocating for healthy lifestyles and is motivated by making others feel good.

Join Sarhys and WLSA CEO Felicity Cohen as they discuss Sarhys’ journey to sobriety, how she manages her own wellness, the importance of exercise  and what her next steps in the health and wellness space might be.



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Jump To:

1:51 / The start of Sarhys’ journey to wellness: making the decision to be sober and discovering exercise

11:19 / The “sober curious” movement: why it’s a powerful trend and how we can experiment with sobriety and stay social

15:50 / Sarhys’ wellness non-negotiables: balance, exercise, and down time

17:20 / Exercise over lockdown: developing HIIT workouts, working out without equipment, and a day in the life of Sarhys Page

24:54 / What’s next for the future? Building an online empire

26:04 / Sahrys’ wellness struggle: learning about food and and how to fuel herself better