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Anthony Burke is a Professor of Architecture at UTS as well as a presenter on Restoration Australia on the ABC. Recognised internationally for his work in architectural design, curation and commentary, he specialises in contemporary design theory at the intersection of technology, urbanism and practice. 

In this episode, he sits down with WeightLoss Solutions Australia CEO, Felicity Cohen, to discuss the importance of restorative architecture, emerging trends in Australian design, how the pandemic has shifted how we think about our space, and offers several incredibly simple yet powerful things you can do to promote wellbeing in your own home.



Check out Restoration Australia on ABC iView here.

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Jump To:

1:09 // How Anthony developed his passion for architecture and restoration, why restorative architecture is important and what’s going on in Australian architecture right now

6:12 // How our space impacts our wellbeing and how the pandemic has changed our relationship to our home and working spaces

12:27 // What is Salutogenic Design and how can we design spaces that actually promote wellbeing, rather than just respond to negative aspects?

20:37 // How technology is responding to the desire for people to create spaces that promote wellness.

22:58 // Felicity and Anthony discuss outstanding pieces of architecture they have visited and experienced and how these places contributed to their sense of peace and wellness. 

26:24 // Anthony offers his top recommendations for what aspects of a home have the greatest impact on your wellbeing and shares a story of how he’s recreating a piece of architecture from his childhood. 

31:53 // Felicity and Anthony talk about the Tiny Home trend and how it fits into larger trends of sustainability and avant-garde design.

34:08 // Anthony shares how a pilgrimage in Japan helped him learn to breathe and has led to a love of regular walking and communing with nature.