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How To Transition Through Menopause Into Your Desired Life

Angela Counsel, is a clinical Naturopath now incorporating all her health knowledge to support women transition through menopause with ease. For over 20 years, Angela has been primarily in the space of women’s health and well-being. She is a mindset coach and also includes naturopathy and kinesiology to treat her clients to gain a deeper understanding of their health issues.

 In this episode, Angela shares her personal journey through menopause, showing us that it is possible to go through menopause; lose weight in the process, and come out the other side living the life she desires. Her main focus is on a healthy diet combined with lifestyle changes, which Angela discusses  ‘how’ in detail in this episode.

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Show Notes:

02:19 – Understand how kinesiology can help achieve wellness.

Angela explains kinesiology as muscle testing that allows us to understand the subconscious mind at a conscious level. Kinesiology identifies the connection of the physical issue with its emotional components that have been programmed on the subconscious level and release them. 

07:21 – Angela’s naturopathic experience in women’s health.

Over 20 years of being a naturopath, Angela highlights her first-hand experience dealing with health challenges. Her main focus as a naturopath is a healthy diet and lifestyle.  

12:05 – Late pregnancy and its impact on menopause experience.

Angela describes her experience being pregnant with her first child at the age of 40. Looking back, she realises how her hormones were functioning from that time as she was also already in perimenopause. 

15:16 – Get real about meno-belly.

Angela explains in detail what meno-belly is and why the majority of women going through menopause experience this. 

18:43 – Preventing higher risk factors before we get into menopause

Angela encourages us to look at this stage of life as ‘a window of opportunity.’ She explains how we can learn to understand our hormones and adapt accordingly to live well the next half of our lives.

21:26 – Five categories of food to reduce when going through menopause: Alcohol, Sugar, Dairy, Gluten, Red Meat

Angela outlines the inflammatory diets that can cause big issues during menopause. These foods are important to be consumed adequately throughout our lives as they will have a significant impact on our health once we reach the menopause phase. Angela highlights this as she shares her personal experience of her alcohol intake and its immediate impact on her health. 

24:48 – Reduce sugar intake to reduce menopause symptoms.

By recognising the triggers to our symptoms and our emotional attachments to a certain food, we can tackle the change in our diet from the right angle, says Angela. 

28:53 – Red meat, dairy and gluten and their inflammatory impact on bodies going through menopause. 

Angela elaborates how these types of food are harder to process for those going through menopause stages. However, Angela explains that the right eating style for everyone is different depending on our epigenetic influences. 

34:04 – Getting adequate protein and calcium in our diets.

Angela shares with us her tips on how to ensure the best protein intake. 

37:58 – The impact stress has on menopause.

Stress causes everything, says Angela. As a result of many stress-related health issues, it can bring on early onset menopause as well. 

44:47 – What wellness mean to Angela Counsel.

Wellness means to me to be able to put on my hiking boots, put my backpack on and to wander into the bush by myself and feel confident that I’m safe. I’m strong. I’m flexible. And I can climb over rocks. I can do whatever I want. That, to me, is wellness. When I can do that, everything is great in my life.