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Warriors Winning Streak
Part 2

This uplifting episode encapsulates the winning moments of our warriors Candice Charles, Jodie Siggers, Adam Bilsy, Paula Joseph and Kaz Dalton. If you are looking for inspiration and a positive perspective on LIFE, tune in to hear the very moment these legends experience joy, satisfaction, confidence and more.

One warrior after another, be ready for a burst of hope, excitement and happiness!

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Show Notes:

Candice Charles
0:40 – We talked about the incredible transformation that Candice has had and looked back at all her health issues that have completely disappeared including thyroid problems, sleep apnoea, high blood pressure, diabetes risks, and mental health challenges.

Jodie Siggers
3:09 – her husband has lost 10kg, a double win for them. The most rewarding outcome is that Jodie’s son has become more active, he even competed in the GC 50 and ran the 1km event. As a family, they walked the base of Uluru which was 11km in heat that took up to 3 hours, an accomplishment they would never have been able to do in the past.

5:14 – Jodie has overcome her health complication and right now, she no longer shows signs of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) nor has to take medication for her underachieve thyroid.

5:53 – apply her knowledge of nutrition while caring for her mother who has put on weight from undergoing chemotherapy to treat cancers. Her mother was able to lose that weight and the nutritional meals helped improve her mobility.

7:00 – happily reaping the long-term financial rewards from saving on food, medications, and doctor visits. She is applying the savings towards her wardrobe budget, a very delightful exchange as she is now able to buy clothes from any shops, no longer limited to the plus-size brands.

7:48 – With her newfound confidence, Jodie now holds herself and speaks to people differently. Her happy and calm vibes have changed her interactions with friends, family and colleagues dramatically. Previously prone to depression and anxiety, Jodie no longer needs to take medication, instead, she is now able to get out in nature and go for a run to feel that sense of freedom whenever she feels a need to calm her nerves.

Adam Bilsy
9:42 – Adam started to feel healthier, more confident and happier, with many doors starting to open up for him, like starring on the TV show Lego Masters. He has bought a house, had a baby girl and is getting married.

10:36 – Will a grueling film schedule on Lego Masters, Adam confesses that he would not have lasted if he hadn’t had bariatric surgery.

Paula Joseph
11:20 – For the first time, I’m no longer that sideline mom! Now I’m more active with my kids, like rollerskating, kicking a ball with them at the park, even going on waterslides with them. I never knew I had some of the muscles that I do until now.

13:02 – I’m definitely more productive. And with the kind of work I do, it has helped massively as I manage stock which requires me to get low to the ground, so that has become much easier.

13:34 – I’ve lost 47kg which is more weight than I expected to lose. One of the biggest surprises for me was the change in my clothing sizes. 

Kaz Dalton
15:00 – First thing I noticed was an issue with my knees, and as I started to lose weight I felt that huge burden off them and they didn’t creek anymore. The biggest change for me was my sleeping pattern as I used to wake up tired all the time, I couldn’t wake up early in the morning and always felt sluggish.

18:24 – We considered In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) but there is always a chance that it won’t work, so I’d rather invest that money into my health and hope that could correct some of the issues I had. After losing a massive 45kg 18 months post-surgery, and successfully maintaining that for a further 5 months, I finally fell pregnant on my first try.