Pleasure For Every Body with Euphemia Russell

Learn the benefits of pleasure and why it’s essential to our health with the author of Slow Pleasure, Euphemia Russell. We go through the journey of pleasure, break down taboos, and discover how we can find more pleasure in our lives. Euphemia is certified in sex-positive education, sexual violence counselling, somatic coaching, and trauma-informed facilitation, and they also have a background in community cultural development.

Take a moment to slow down and enjoy this insightful conversation. To get your hands on a copy of Slow Pleasure visit ‘through Amazon


Show notes:

  • 1:26 What led Euphemia into the realm of sex-positive education
  • 3:40 The journey of discovering pleasure for the first time
  • 7:30 Who is Euphemia?
  • 9:17 “Pleasure isn’t a wasteful frivolous distraction. Pleasure is enjoyment. Pleasure is political. Pleasure is health.” Euphemia breaks down what she meant by this quote
  • 14:33 Accepting pleasure, breaking taboos, and opening the conversation
  • 16:59 Slow Pleasure: what inspired the book
  • 19:56 Benefits of pleasure when going through a major transformation
  • 23:57 Risks to our health if we aren’t accessing pleasure
  • 25:22 Top 3 tips to find more pleasure
  • 29:19 Discovering nerve endings and the biology of pleasure
  • 32:30 How Euphemia fought to reclaim wellness in their life

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