EP34: Pearls of Wisdom from Author & Prosperity Activist Pat Mesiti

Pearls of Wisdom from Author & Prosperity Activist Pat Mesiti

Prosperity effects all aspects of life and not just money. Father, grandfather, best selling author and speaker Pat Mesiti shares his sought after advice on how to achieve overall prosperity. In this episode, Pat covers everything from self-love and self-worth, the art of giving, making the most of your failures and how to pivot in a post COVID-19 world.

Most inspiring, Pat gives some very useful advice on how we can help the youth, not just as parents but as leaders. We need to give the youth hope and inspiration by having some absolutes in their life and creating traditions, which helps them stay connected with us and disconnected to what’s happening out there.

A gift for our listening, Pat has graciously given an audio copy of his book “Unbreakable” here: https://mesiti.com/ub/.


Show Notes:

02:46 – The process of wealth: “Generosity breeds abundance.”

Pat elaborates his worldview, deriving from the universal law that something has to leave from your hand to return to your life. He also stresses that the reality of your wealth comes from your mindset.


07:58 – Pat Mesiti’s journey of rebuilding through failures.

A boy from Bankstown, Pat has faith in his study in prosperity to help others get back on track. He shares how he also applied the principles of life which he had learned to rebuild himself from his failures. Pat believes everyone has to experience failures, but how we deal with them will make a difference. He shares encouraging tips on how to move forward and learn from them.


14:11 – Turn fears into opportunities to drive forward through COVID.

To Pat, fear is a disempowering entity that deprives people. He empowers us with stories of his students to turn things around, create opportunities for financial freedom for ourselves in this information age.


19:07 – How to have a prosperous mentality in everything you do.

Pat expresses that it’s important to have free thinking and self-beliefs to create the life you want. Here, Felicity and Pat share their thoughts on the correlation between people’s health and their wealth’s health.


22:59 – Everything starts from your mind.

Pat wants people to realise that their mind is their greatest asset. He stresses that it has nothing to do with your education through his personal story, how his mindset helped him write his books.


29:21 – Creating the vision of compass for our youths.

As a grandfather and someone who has a strong connection with youth in his work, Pat outlines the struggles of the younger generations with encouragement on how we can help them create the vision for their future and restore hope.


39:00 – How can we restore faith for the future?

Pat shares that he found faith through a divine encounter that powerfully changed his life. He encourages people that whatever they believe in, just believe it, because faith is not just a moment, but also a process through life.


41:42 – What wellness means to Pat Mesiti.

To him, wellness means wholeness in his soul first, then in his mind and body, and in his relationships.

EP33: Juggling Life as a Breakfast Radio Presenter and Mum of Two

Juggling Life As A
Breakfast Radio Presenter
and Mum of Two

Olivia Scott is a well known morning radio presenter at Hot Tomato, a radio station on the Gold Coast, Australia. In this open and honest interview, Olivia shares how she doesn’t hold back on life being a mother of two as well as a morning radio presenter. We delve into how her career started, her history of travelling and working in regional areas, then starting a family and making her way back to living on the beautiful Gold Coast.

We all love radio as it’s instant coverage from headline news to celebrity gossips, which makes for a great medium. Olivia shares how she stay connected with the community through events and fundraising but most importantly how she manages a healthy work life balance during a pandemic and Queensland lockdowns.

Tune in to Olivia Scott on Hot Tomato 102.9fm between 9am to 12pm.


Show Notes:

01:06 – Tell me all about what was it that first took you into radio?

Olivia had close connections and involvement within the radio station community from a very young age, which sparked her keen interest in joining the industry. Her profession took her around the Australian regions before she would be where she is today.


05:19 – Do you find that you need to change your approach in terms of where you’ve lived and worked in the different regional radio stations?

As a communicator, Olivia finds it exciting to get to know people from different places and learn to be relatable to them.


12:18 – How have you coped with juggling a life of being a radio career person and managing, raising two children, a home, a family, a husband, how’s that juggle looked for you?

For Olivia personally, she has been handling it quite well. Through flexibility at work and her support system at home, have helped her navigate through her busy schedule.


17:35 – So tell me a little bit about your health and wellbeing and your own personal philosophy on wellness. And what do you do to look after yourself?

Olivia shares her experience trying to quit smoking for a very long time and her experience in hypnotising with Felicity and Dr Drew had changed her life. One of the main reasons for her to quit was for her kids.


21:36 – So tell me about your approach to wellness and what does it mean to you and what do you do on a daily basis?

Olivia aims to have an active lifestyle as well as having a balanced diet that still allows her to enjoy everything else in life.


23:09 – What’s next for you? What are you most looking forward to over the next five years? What’s your plan?

Olivia loves to travel. She would love to travel overseas more in the future but now to keep rediscovering Queensland and places in Australia.


25:12 – Working 6 days a week is a lot. What’s your favourite thing to do on that one day a week that you don’t work?

Having quality time with family is important for Olivia to keep her going through the long work week.


26:35 – What does wellness mean to you?

For Olivia, health and wellness is everything.